Alterra Renewable Energy – Get Solar in WV.  Homeowners and businesses can get a  free online solar assessment now. Our service area is Southeastern WV – Monroe, Summers, Raleigh, Fayette, Greenbrier, Pocahontas and Nicholas counties.

Tax Incentives

The federal government offers tax incentives for renewable energy, and for the purchase of energy efficient products. We can help you apply for tax credits on products you purchase.

Site Assessments

We offer a Free Site Assessment online and over the phone that will give you a rough idea of the amount of power you can produce and a rough idea of the cost.

A physical site assessment is a trip to your location to take precise measurements that will let you know exactly how much power you can produce, and will allow us to provide a detailed cost estimate of the energy you want. The fee for a physical site assessment will be credited to any products you purchase.

Why Renewable Energy?

Create a Healthier Environment

Generating electricity is the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the United States. Most of our electricity comes from coal and other power sources that release CO2, SO2, NOx and smog as by-products. Producing energy this way not only increases harmful climate change; but has a negative impact on the air we breath and the water we drink. Use of non-renewable energy is harmful to our environment and to our health.

Improve Our National Security

In February, the Department of Defense released a major policy report on defense strategy that called climate change a “threat multiplier” with the potential to accelerate conflicts in fragile regions of Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia. Former CIA director (1993-1995), R. James Woolsey, also says America’s oil dependence is a grave threat. This year, more than two-thirds of America’s oil imports will come from nations that too often do not share our goals or values.

This dependence on nations such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, Venezuela, and Nigeria costs our nation billions that could be used here at home and helps governments that often act against our national security interests. It also prevents us from fully investing in home-grown American clean energy and undermines efforts to improve the quality of our air and water. Merkley unveils new plan to eliminate America’s dependence on overseas oil

Renewable energy benefits everyone and is affordable; especially with the federal tax credits that are available.

Renewable Energy FAQ

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